Hire a landscape installation team that draws their expertise from 3 generations working in the Los Angeles climate zone. Our team has aptly learned how different landscape processes and materials end up working long term. We have tested installation designs from landscape architects, general contractors, and various landscape contractors, including our own.

Our construction team takes pride in their work of creation. We have received numerous awards for our work. Additionally, we have an optional extended warranty programs for all installation types. We service commercial and industrial, and residential properties. 

Landscape Construction and Installation services include:

  • Design & Build
  • Installation Only
  • Subcontracting
  • Budgeting
  • Site Amenities
  • Site Preparation
  • Drainage
  • Retaining Walls
  • Hardscape
  • Wood Structures
  • Water Features
  • Pool Construction
  • Irrigation Planning
  • Irrigation Installation
  • Plant Installation
  • Lawn Installation
  • Tree Installation
  • Landscape Lighting

Landscape Construction

Every landscape construction or installation project is different. We keep our installation teams versatile so we can tackle big and small projects. We are one of Los Angeles premier landscaping destinations and we have California Landscape Contractor Association CLCA award recognitions to back it up.

Water Management

Water is a prescious resource. Since landscapes often require so much of it, is up to your landscape professional to stay educated on new water conservation methods. Our landscape professionals can to quickly identify water saving opportunities within your landscape.

Landscape Pest and Disease Control

Protect your plant and turf investments with our Treat-After-PositiveID landscape pest control approach. Whether you need a turf fertilization and weed control program, or shrub disease treatment, you can count on our trained technicians to perform.

Landscape Maintenance

Having a beautiful landscape requires maintaining a beautiful landscape. Whether you are experiencing neglect in your landscape or are only beginning to see it, the best time to address it is now!

Tree Care

Tree care is important because most trees can last a lifetime. Our team can help you decide what trees are best for your landscape, and how to best care for your existings trees. Our arborists can develop trimming schedules and assess the current health of your trees. We can prune one tree, or several hundred if you need us to.

Vegetation Control

For general or selective weeds control. Our licensed applicators can guide you through best vegetation control programs for your property.